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Wash Your Damn Hands: Covid19 Charity Model

Please Note: This model is not for profit. Absolutely any sales from this model I will be donating in full to GlobalGivings Coronavirus Relief Fund to help the less fortunate affected by the Coronavirus recieve the funding they need for Food, Bills and Medicare.

A model inspired by Ryan Reynolds seemingly favorite catch phrase, built to pay tribute to his generousity. As an Edmonton artist I wanted to pay tribute for all his wonderful work and donations for Edmonton and Canada as a whole.

I will be posting daily amounts donated on my twitter:

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PURCHASE BUT WANT TO HELP, please like and share this over social media so someone who can might see this.

Many of us at this time are worried about how we are going to make it financially, if you are in a stable situation let us all remember that not everybody is and those of us that can make a difference, should be, we are all in this together.

Image Still

Image Still

Wash Your Damn Hands! 3D Model